Who is Mondicor S.L

Mondicor is a jewelry manufacturer since 1991, in the most distinctive goldsmith and jewelry district in Europe; Cordoba, Spain.

Known in the national market, both in the wholesale and retail markets, Mondicor offers a wide range of; Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets available in; 8ct, 9ct, 10ct, 14ct, 18ct and 19ct with more than 5000 lines available.

Mondicor also offers the "Design by you" service where any company can expose their designs and have them manufactured exclusively for them, keeping their exclusivity and reliability.

Mondicor offers up to ten different lines, all produced in our factory under constant supervision for the greatest effectiveness on delivery dates.

The lines are; First posture jewelry, stone earrings and rings, signet rings, plain earrings and rings, , laser pendants with chain, hollow rings, and various foundry jewelry, including our new casting collection.

Why Choosing Mondicor and what’s the new approach

Mondicor has a extensive experience working with large companies in the domestic market keeping stock of items in our factory for that particular clients instead of making orders that can last up to six weeks this way, the delivery times are reduced to make the sale process more effective for both parties.

We are known for our customer service, Mondicor takes this department with pride and we are able to make single amount of rings to specific sizes to cover customer needs.

What is the “Design by you” section

This idea was born in 2021 after travelling across Europe for the very first time seeking for clients to meet their needs.

Over the last year, we have seen saturation of trends who tend to end up very similar in the market place, many of the professionals that we met, wanted a bit of the old fashion one to one individual approach, that’s when we realized of the niche to offer our clients.

In 2022, Mondicor opened the “Design by you” concept to give you the opportunity to create your own lines following your guidelines and make them 100% personalized by your company or brand.

Mondicor will sketch the essence of your idea to evolve it throughout development to finally get the solid concept then, the concept will anchor the whole team with a common goal and will set the vision of the product.